Our world in data covid sweden

Coronavirus pandemic : daily updated research and data. Above-ground biomass in forest per hectare. Absolute annual change in primary energy consumption. Absolute number of deaths from ambient particulate air pollution. Acute care beds per 1, people. Adjusted net saving current US dollars. Adjusted net savings per capita. Adolescent birth rate in women aged years. Adolescent birth rate per 1, women aged Age dependency ratio.

Age of capital stock. Age-standardized death rate from cardiovascular diseases, perindividuals. Agricultural area per capita.

our world in data covid sweden

Agriculture value added per worker. Alcohol and drug use disorders as a share of total disease burden. Alcohol consumption per capita Per capita alcohol consumption in high-income countries. Alcohol expenditure as a share of total household expenditure. Annual change in coal energy consumption. Annual change in fossil fuel consumption. Annual change in gas consumption. Annual change in hydropower generation. Annual change in low-carbon energy generation. Annual change in nuclear energy generation.

Annual change in oil consumption. Annual change in primary energy consumption. Annual change in renewable energy generation. Annual change in solar energy generation. Annual change in wind energy generation. Annual growth of GDP per capita. Annual percentage change in coal energy consumption.

Sweden: Coronavirus Pandemic Country Profile

Annual percentage change in fossil fuel consumption. Annual percentage change in gas consumption. Annual percentage change in hydropower generation. Annual percentage change in low-carbon energy generation. Annual percentage change in nuclear energy generation.This is shown as the seven-day rolling average.

To bring the pandemic to an end, every country has to bring the curve of daily cases down to zero. The default log view is helpful to compare the growth rates between countries: on a logarithmic scale the steepness of the line corresponds to the growth rate. But in this chart, as in many of our charts, you can switch to a linear axis.

This chart shows the number of daily confirmed cases plotted against the cumulative number of confirmed cases.

Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

Plotting the data in this way allows us to see when different countries bent the curve. Clicking on any country in the chart highlights that country. If you click on several countries you can create a view in which you can compare several countries. Just type the name in the search box there. See them plotted against each other. The trajectory for every country begins on the day when that country had confirmed cases. This allows you to make comparisons of how quickly the number of confirmed cases has grown in different countries.

Keep in mind that in countries that do very little testing the actual total number of cases can be much higher than the number of confirmed cases shown here.

our world in data covid sweden

Since reporting can vary very significantly from day to day — irrespectively of any actual variation of cases — it is helpful to look at a longer time span, which is less affected by the daily variation in reporting. This provides a clearer picture of where the pandemic is accelerating, staying the same, or reducing.

In our page on Coronavirus caseswe provide maps and tables on how the number and change in deaths compare across the world. All we know is the infection status of those who have been tested. All those who have a lab-confirmed infection are counted as confirmed cases. This means that the counts of confirmed cases depend on how much a country actually tests. Without testing there is no data. Testing is our window onto the pandemic and how it is spreading.The analysis below, however, remains relevant for people who look at the official Swedish government dashboardwhere deaths are presented by date of death.

There are two ways that COVID deaths can be presented over time: by the date of death, or the date on which the death is reported.

Neither of these methods is necessarily better than the other—but it can affect comparisons across countries and over time if these methods are not consistent.

In the data that we present on Our World in Datawhich comes directly from the European CDC, deaths in Sweden are shown by date of death, while deaths in other countries are shown by date of report. This matters because it takes a number of days until all deaths for a particular day are reported.

In practice this means that Sweden might today only report 10 deaths for yesterday, but once reporting is complete the death count for that day might increase to The death counts for the last 10 days in Sweden should therefore always be interpreted as an incomplete count of the deaths that occurred in this period. Since there is a lag between the time a person dies and the time the death is reported, the death counts for the most recent period are always incomplete.

They are often most incomplete for the latest 2 to 5 days, but can be incomplete for 10 days or more. This undercount in recent days means that they often appear to be falling; but when this is later completed, data shows that more deaths were occurring during that period.

This means that for the last 10 days of data, death counts in Sweden must only be interpreted as incomplete measures of mortality. As an example, this chart shows what confirmed deaths looked like for the period from October 20 to October 29, when the data was first published on October 30 red seriesand once many more death certificates had been added on November 12 blue series. What actually happened is shown by the blue series: deaths increased steadily.

This also means that each day, the Swedish government will add new deaths for multiple days in the past—mostly on recent days, but on average up to 10 days in the past, and sometimes even more, if deaths have been reported with a long delay.

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This means that these daily changes affecting the historical data will be visible on our charts. Sweden is the only country for which the European CDC currently applies this method for the reporting of deaths.

It is also important to note that this does not apply to confirmed cases, but only to confirmed deaths. For other countries, the European CDC does not build its dataset based on the date of death, but rather based on the date of report.

This results in a daily figure that corresponds to the number of deaths reported in the last 24 hours—regardless of when those deaths actually happened. This means that if the death toll for a country was 20 for a given day, it will remain 20 indefinitely. There is nothing wrong with how Sweden or other countries are reporting deaths. But it is important to know these differences when studying the data from Sweden, and even more when comparing it with other countries.Explore all metrics — including cases, deaths, testing, and vaccinations — in one place.

See how government policy responses — on travel, testing, vaccinations, face coverings, and more — vary across the world. Compare the number of deaths from all causes during COVID to the years before to gauge the total impact of the pandemic on deaths.

We built country profiles which allow you to explore the statistics on the coronavirus pandemic for every country in the world. In a fast-evolving pandemic it is not a simple matter to identify the countries that are most successful in making progress against it. Excess mortality and the rate of the confirmed deaths is what we focus on in the sections below, but for a fuller assessment a wider perspective is useful.

For this purpose we track the impact of the pandemic across our publication and we built country profiles for countries to study the statistics on the coronavirus pandemic for every country in the world in depth. Each profile includes interactive visualizationsexplanations of the presented metrics, and the details on the sources of the data. We would like to acknowledge and thank a number of people in the development of this work: Carl BergstromBernadeta DadonaiteNatalie DeanJoel Hellewell, Jason HendryAdam KucharskiMoritz Kraemer and Eric Topol for their very helpful and detailed comments and suggestions on earlier versions of this work.

Tom Chivers we would like to thank for his editorial review and feedback. And we would like to thank the many hundreds of readers who give us feedback on this work every day. Your feedback is what allows us to continuously clarify and improve it.

We very much appreciate you taking the time to write. We cannot respond to every message we receive, but we do read all feedback and aim to take the many helpful ideas into account. Thank you all. Coronavirus pandemic : daily updated research and data. Get an overview of the pandemic for any country on a single page. See state-by-state data on vaccinations in the United States.

Every country profile is updated daily. Every profile includes four sections: Deaths: How many deaths from Coronavirus have been reported? Is the number of deaths still increasing?

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How does the death rate compare to other countries? Testing: How much testing for coronavirus do countries conduct? When did they start and how does it compare with other countries?

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Cases: How many cases were confirmed? And is your country bending the curve? Government responses: What measures did countries take in response to the pandemic? Wordpress Edit Page. Our World in Data is free and accessible for everyone. Help us do this work by making a donation. Donate now.Debra Westowski was told by her bank, Santander, that she couldn't have a credit card even though she had paid off her mortgage and had a good income.

our world in data covid sweden

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